Stephen Alan Saft
Selected Writings and Index
Love Quest
Coming of Age, Breaking Barriers

A novel by Stephen Alan Saft
Copyright © 2005 by Stephen Alan Saft

Contact information for literary agents and publishers:
7988 Dugspur Road
Laurel Fork VA 24352
Cell (703)795-4069

Total pages: 292
Chapters: 34

Love Quest is a coming of age novel written from the point of view of the protagonist Michael David Bach. It’s the story of Bach’s breech of the Christian-Jewish barrier and all the many consequences. As a pursuer of Linda Louise Westmont, Bach comes up against Linda’s father Horace, a bigot, then travels to Europe where he rubs shoulders with W.H. Auden and Bertram Russell, lives with Swedish Finnish royalty, and in Italy becomes involved with one of the world’s wealthiest young women. However, it is not until he settles in New York and meets an aggressive book editor who happens to be Jewish that he loses his virginity. Later he will meet and marry Suzanne O’Fallon, a troubled beauty with a troubling background. Though married to Suzanne, Michael Bach's involvement with Linda Louise Westmont is far from over.   

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